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Online Service Management System. Task and request processing system with full control over running tasks and multi-dimensional reporting system. Resolve problems and issues right online more
Our mail system allow securely check and manage e-mail messages anywhere in the world, from home or office, from hotel or friend party, through your favorite e-mail manager or online through regular browser more
Control Anything in Your Home

  • Adjust the thermostat over the phone and never come home to a freezing or broiling house again

  • Dial up from your cell phone as you drive home and your hot tub will be warmed up by the time you arrive

  • You’ll be absolutely sure that your commands were initiated with actual spoken-language replies

  • Forgot to set the security system? Do it from the office!

  • Office Automation

    Internet Surveillance Systems

    Control & Monitoring

    Software & Hardware Collaboration

    Updates / Upgrades

    Home Animation
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